Countertop Design Options

We work with you to select the appropriate counter top to enhance your kitchen or bathroom design project. Our countertop options include quartz, granite, and laminate. Take note that each of these materials has its own advantages.


This countertop contains crushed quartz that is mixed with resin. They are non-porous and do not require any sealing ever. Quartz offers a no-maintenance material solution that is very durable. They are stain-resistant as well, so a simple, quick cleanup is all that is required. On the other hand, quartz is very heavy; therefore, it will require professional installation.


This material is quarried naturally from the earth as enormous chunks of rock. Granite countertops are made of porous stone, which is why it can be considered stain-resistant only if it has been properly sealed. Resealing of granite countertops is required at least every other year. Similar to quartz, granite is also heavy, thus requiring the help of professionals in installation.


This countertop is made using Formica sheets that look like real stone or granite. It is versatile and customizable. In addition, it is inexpensive compared to natural stones. However, laminate is not as durable as natural stones and is easy to cut or scratch. Cleaning requires caution and effort. Like quartz and granite countertops, it’s best to have a professional install laminate countertops.